Thierry Tocanne is an artist who should be better known and I hope that he will be very soon

Pierre Bouteiller – TSF Jazz


Some french jazz pianists are not as well known as they hould be.

Thierry Tocanne is one of them.In the first piece we are seduced by his drive, his swing,his joy in playing,his enthusiasm.

He provokes more the heart that the mind.

C.Sibon - Bulletin des discothèques de la Mairie de Paris


A full bloomed musician,Thierry Tocanne had the chance to discover jazz piano history in the right manner,beginning with pioneers like Jelly Roll Morton or Thomas « Fats » Waller.

Soon after, he discovers the great Oscar Peterson who will have greatly influenced him.

Like Oscar, Thierry is really a piano lover and is open minded to all styles of jazz.

In this case,let's appaud him with enthusiasm.Let's also applaud his taste for great,timeless standards,that are rich with innovative possibilities.

Claude Carriere, President of « Academie du Jazz » , France Musique


Those who heard Thierry Tocanne at the Montauban Jazz Festival ( Jazz à Montauban) remember an impressing piano technician with an incisive touch.

Everything is still there, intact and improved after twenty years of practicing.

A superb sound, great precision, articulation, swing, musicality, enthusiasm, everything is exciting in this CD recorded « live » at the Salle Cortot in Paris.

Let's also appreciate the musicality, the inspiration, the sens of ballad of Thierry, many musical qualities that are not often gathered together by a pianist.

Jean-Marc Berliere, Jazz Classique, 2003


This is Thierry Tocanne's third record we have applaused in the past two years.

This one is a little bit different than those before it,less bluesy although the first song is a grass one. There are more personal compositions, more tunes coming from nowhere that are still very interesting.

There are also two or three standards to appreciate more easily the talent and the personality of this pianist.

Guy Chauvier, Jazz Classique, 2005






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